Managing Anxiety with Emotional Intelligence (EQ) & Yoshi


Mario and Yoshi come to mind when I think of what type of competitive edge is required to overcome new hurdles in both the real and virtual world. I can’t help but remember “back in the day”, seeking to advance in an intense game of Mario and getting to a point where I (Mario) couldn’t jump high enough or far enough to continue the level with Yoshi (my competitive edge).

To this day I continue to be a large proponent of that competitive edge, and I have found it through a learning relationship with emotional intelligence and the discipline required to become the most clear thinker one can be in any given circumstance.

Recently I stumbled across and HBR Ideacast on my recent road trip home from Dallas to Houston. The theme of the article was around the role anxiety plays in clear thinking and quality decision making. Struggling with this can come from battling ones own internal dialogue, or it can surface from a lack of a discernment with regard to who to trust.

My dad quotes the bible often and has shared one of its principles that reads– ” there is wisdom in many counselors”– and I believe it– and would add that there is also wisdom in FIRST keeping a cool head/exercising–EQ . This becomes the key to a higher leek of discerning whom to take advice from in times of anxiety and ambiguity.

As much as I hate those countless posters that read “Keep Calm and (fill in the blank)” It’s the first important step to clear thinking and quality decisions free of emotion.

Listen, engage, discern and enjoy!



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