New TED Talk VIDEO by Simon Sinek Asks—Are You Safe at Work?


The basis of this video is that it is natural for us as people to require safety in order to trust and follow others–particularly leaders. Safety in its many forms surfaces as trust, which leads to willingness to act on the behalf of others, which makes us closer as a human unit, tribe, or community.

I am a huge fan of how Sinek has drawn similarities in how we as 21st century humans respond to survival and safety in comparison to early humans who experienced threats against their lives as opposed to their livelihoods.
As I look to lead a new team of strong willed individuals and attach myself to quality organizations, I listened closely to what makes a strong leader and an organization that provides safety that yields engaged performance.

Simon Sinek has a reputation of really peeling back the layers of how people tick. He has one of the most famous TED talks entitled ‘The Golden Circle’ (see below).




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