What if Your Boss & Coworkers Held a Press Conference After Your Performance?


The second game of the 2014 NBA Finals is over, and I’m watching The San Antonio Spurs head coach Greg Poppovich discuss his team’s performance in a very accountable fashion. Who contributed? Who made appropriate adjustments? What can they do better next game? I watch Tony Parker and Dwayne Wade do the same thing–and I’m thinking–what would that look like in the business world? No hiding behind email, long weekends, PC conversations, or concern for hurt feelings–just raw instant accountability and feedback.

Now, picture your company’s logo splashed across a tablecloth– set high atop a platform where your boss sits. Here he would report to the senior leaders and the industry you belong to –how YOU and your coworkers performed minutes ago on a deliverable. Who contributed? Who could have done better? Who has the largest “opportunity”? The worlds greatest athletes not only face constant scrutiny and access, but the ultimate in. Instant 360 feedback.

If you haven’t experienced some form of 360 feedback you are missing out on an opportunity to have true insight into both how others view you, and possibly what humble pie tastes like. What would this type of accountability do for your existing team? Would it bring turmoil, truth, or trust? Wouldn’t it lead to growth if you were committed to receiving the feedback? We may never experience the bright lights of top college and professional accountability, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive to replicate it.

Next up to the podium– [Your boss’ name here]…



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