How Mark Cuban Decided He Couldn’t Work For Anyone Else–VIdeo Series Via


I am a huge fan of Mark Cuban for helping take my Dallas Mavericks to their only NBA World Championship. Mr. Cuban earned extra cool points for even paying for the championship parade to help out the city of Dallas. In the same breath I do fault him for leading us away from a second title— (Tyson Chandler trade). But I digress–

In the below link Mark Cuban shares the importance of self awareness and personal fit—in his journey to success. Enjoy the video series portioned and produced by Inc. Magazine. I highly recommend Cuban’s E-Book on (
for more insight into his past and methods for achieving success.

VIDEO Series:


Managing Anxiety with Emotional Intelligence (EQ) & Yoshi


Mario and Yoshi come to mind when I think of what type of competitive edge is required to overcome new hurdles in both the real and virtual world. I can’t help but remember “back in the day”, seeking to advance in an intense game of Mario and getting to a point where I (Mario) couldn’t jump high enough or far enough to continue the level with Yoshi (my competitive edge).

To this day I continue to be a large proponent of that competitive edge, and I have found it through a learning relationship with emotional intelligence and the discipline required to become the most clear thinker one can be in any given circumstance.

Recently I stumbled across and HBR Ideacast on my recent road trip home from Dallas to Houston. The theme of the article was around the role anxiety plays in clear thinking and quality decision making. Struggling with this can come from battling ones own internal dialogue, or it can surface from a lack of a discernment with regard to who to trust.

My dad quotes the bible often and has shared one of its principles that reads– ” there is wisdom in many counselors”– and I believe it– and would add that there is also wisdom in FIRST keeping a cool head/exercising–EQ . This becomes the key to a higher leek of discerning whom to take advice from in times of anxiety and ambiguity.

As much as I hate those countless posters that read “Keep Calm and (fill in the blank)” It’s the first important step to clear thinking and quality decisions free of emotion.

Listen, engage, discern and enjoy!

Tailored Learning for Optimal Happiness—Courtesy of a 13 Year Old


More than ever companies value engaged associates. This means that organizations must allow for space and realizations that explain how people connect with each other and their work. What makes them happy? What helps inspire creativity? How do they learn best–(Somewhat Question 3 on Gallup’s Engagement Survey)?

The TED Talk given by a 13 year old student details the one common desire we as humans aspire to regardless of our countless differences–and it is happiness. In his TED talk he shares his educational journey to arrive at driving happiness while fulfilling a new found affinity for learning– which is no longer a chore when introduced in the right setting. Could this be established in the work place? Besides just at places like Google?

You would assume that striving to create the perfect climate for employees to succeed, would be a strategy for most organizations. But how an organization establishes a culture driven by transparency and a healthy feedback loop to create holistically satisfied productive associates makes all the difference in levels of employee engagement, and in the end–the bottom line.


30 for 30: 30 Lessons I Have Collected in My 30 Years of Life

Growth/Learning, Tales

This entry was inspired by the 30 for 30 documentary series on ESPN. In 2013 I turned 30– and for me this meant time to reflect, minimize mistakes, and accelerate—in theory. So, in no particular order you will find 30 lessons and pieces of wisdom I have gathered over the past 30 years. I had a lot off fun adding and deleting ideas and advice I felt was worthy of consideration.

  1. A healthy perspective is invaluable. With one, life becomes a manageable maze as opposed to a series of dead ends
    1. Understand what others value

    2. Relationships in all forms equate to a healthy balance of giving and taking. Be aware of which of the two you do most.

4. God is in control. We are sitting in his lap steering while he works the gas and brakes.

5. Living for the experience will minimize the pressure when it’s time to perform. Soak it in.

  1. Responsibility breeds humility. You realize in most instances you drive the outcome and or experience for the benefit of someone besides yourself.

  2. My sincerity is best expressed in written word versus spoken. I need to write it down in order for it to be received the way I want it to be.

8. Exposure is everything. Maximize it. The people that are most successful have several instances of exposure through tireless work.

9. Accountability is the key to growth, respect, and peace of mind.

10.Be a resource personally and professionally and you will always have worth.

11.Consume media that helps you get to who you want to be and where you want to be.

12.Listen and try not to diagnose.

13.No matter how much money and success you amass, if you can’t work with your hands. Eventually realize you are worthless in a post-apocalyptic society. Note to self–learn to build something!

14.Food is my friend, supporter, and enemy.

15.Life is more about positioning yourself for quality choices than about an actual choice that yields an outcome

16. In the bible love stands for sacrifice, therefore I believe love should be a competition of selflessness

  1. You will make mistakes and disappoint others. The goal is to avoid the same mistakes and avoid disappointing the same people the same way.

  2. Never take yourself too seriously. Life is about course correction and not perfection.

19. Seek arenas that allow me to be vulnerable. Create that type of space for those I care about.

20.To be my best self I have to know and neutralize what contributes to being my worst self. Self-awareness is important.

21.There’s nothing new under the sun. Look for different ways and situations to apply what’s been done.

22.Find different ways to express thanks

23. God’s favor is the only thing I have found that trumps hard work and talent. Pray and work hard.

24.Ask better questions. Master asking quality questions.

25.You must understand people’s motivations to understand their behaviors. Take time. Seek to understand before seeking to be understood.

  1. The slower the better is true for most everything….yep most everything

  2. 50 plus guys will shoot you straight when it comes to opinions. Keep access to them. It’s valuable to know truth.

  3. My music must always be close by in order to immediately improve my state of being.

29.I have yet to regret not getting more sleep…At some point I know I will.

30.Think less, feel more.

Ex-Stretch Yourself: 3 Exercises to Extend Your Professional Development


For the record–This post is not a “get out of your comfort zone” pep rally of pieced together “you can do it” speeches. This is about recognizing opportunities to express
or stretch (Ex-Stretch) your professional experience. You may want to consider downloading the Labrinth song “Express Yourself”–it holds some responsibility for this insight–plus it will put you in a good mood.

1.Know Thyself

EQ-Emotional Intelligence is key to understanding who you are, what you do and don’t do well and what is missing from your bag. EQ will also help you alleviate certain levels of anxiety that will help you commit more to fight than flight. This is key when your defenses trigger –you can recognize them and move forward to navigate through the dark. Commit to vulnerability.

2.Know Thy Neighbor-Resource
Who do you know that has the experience or skill sets you wish to have? How can they help? If they are not expressive or articulate in helping you understand what you would like–ask them “what motivated that choice?” or “what two things I expect to encounter”.

3. What are You Stretching Towards and What Do You Need to Express?
Ask yourself if what you are pursuing is value adding? Try to envision what you look like afterward, and how the experience will change your current state. Does it help you get to a desired state? Less fear of expression. More confidence in front of others. Making tough decisions on the fly.
Commit to the experience and the vulnerability required. A senior leader at my firm shared the idea of “becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable”.

Exercise this logic with a heavy dose of positivity and a dash of realism to become your best self.